Plácido Rodal – Sigma

Global CISO
Passionate Global CISO with 10+ years in IT, dedicated to securing businesses and driving impactful transformations. Leveraging an MBA and a Master's in Cybersecurity, I have played pivotal roles in global projects and transformative initiatives. By orchestrating comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, I ensure they align seamlessly with organizational goals.
12:20 pm

27th February 2024

Strengthening Business Resilience: Establishing a Cybersecurity Culture.

The conference will explore how to build a strong cybersecurity culture in companies. From promoting digital awareness to implementing secure practices, we will address strategies to engage all levels of the organization in protecting against cyber threats. We'll look at some relevant metrics, highlight best practices, and provide practical tools to establish a security-first culture, preparing organizations for ever-evolving digital challenges.

4:50 pm

27th February 2024

SASE. Is It Something To Be Considered In A CISOs Strategy? And Why?

Nowadays, there is a lot of announcements from different vendors or solution in the market saying they provide a real SASE solution, or their solution is better. This session is about focusing in understand better what is SASE? why is this important for the organization from a security perspective? what are the benefits for the companies? and sharing other important aspects from the client's view that could make sense to other professionals or responsible.