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10:30 am

Panel Debate: Navigating Cybersecurity and Business Transformation in 2024

CISOs, CIOs and IT Security leaders increasingly seek to combat emerging cyberattack threats. In doing so, they face the challenge of identifying and adopting technologies that go beyond traditional network security architectures, propelling growth and sparking innovation. How can IT & security leaders deliver the global network transformation needed in 2024 whilst streamlining operations, automating tasks and reducing costs?

Join this Panel debate to discuss:

  • Cybersecurity Challenges in 2024: Strategies against emerging and sophisticated cyber threats to safeguard critical networks
  • Cutting-Edge Security Concepts: Implement zero trust and SASE to fortify defences against the next generation of cyber attacks
  • Drive Business Transformation and Value: How a connectivity cloud can help in making data-based decisions that streamline operations, automate tasks and make cost reductions


Mauricio Castaños - Nemak


Gabriela Nava - Citibanamex


Daniel Medina - Heineken International

11:00 am

Banks Institutions: How Social Engineering Affects It's Custumers

Cybercriminality is an illegal activity that increases year after year. The pandemic made e-commerce and online banking customers their favorites victims due to their tendency of "believing" and over trusting.


Gabriela Nava - Citibanamex

11:25 am

Ergonomic Cybersecurity: The Role Of Human Factors In Cybersecurity

Despite advancements in technology and infrastructure, high volume of cybersecurity breaches still involve human behavior, such as phishing scams and weak passwords. We will examine the role that employees play in cybersecurity, exploring the challenges of making a security culture with the employees to recognize and mitigate cyber threats. We will review best practices and strategies for addressing this issue, to provide a greater understanding of the importance of the human factor in cybersecurity and the steps needed to protect their organizations


Carlos Treviño - HEINEKEN México

11:50 am Keynote

Keynote Talk - The Value Of Data In The New Technological Wave

Data is the center of any organization, its importance and value will depend on each organization. Due to the increasingly evident value of data, it is an attractive source for cybercriminals who will seek to compromise it to obtain an economic benefit in the first instance, this implies that IT departments seek strategies at different levels to protect it, and in In the event of being under a cyber-attack, being able to respond and recover them without a negative impact on the organization. The first step is to understand that an attack will happen at any time.


Adrian Moheno - Hitachi Vantara

12:20 pm

Strengthening Business Resilience: Establishing a Cybersecurity Culture.

The conference will explore how to build a strong cybersecurity culture in companies. From promoting digital awareness to implementing secure practices, we will address strategies to engage all levels of the organization in protecting against cyber threats. We'll look at some relevant metrics, highlight best practices, and provide practical tools to establish a security-first culture, preparing organizations for ever-evolving digital challenges.


Plácido Rodal - Sigma

1:30 pm

Meet The Experts 121 Meetings & Networking Break

1:50pm - Keynote

Keynote - Moving from Reactive to Proactive Cybersecurity

Proactive Security is a journey.

An organization needs need to understand what they are trying to protect, why it is essential to protect, and how good they are at protecting these information assets, especially when they are facing zero-day attacks. This also becomes vital for CISO and CIO to address Board concerns, which are looking to understand what Cyber risks their business carries and how secure their organization is.

Join this session to discuss these critical questions and find practical ways to achieve Proactive Security.



Juan Carlos Cortes - ETEK

2:10 pm

The Risk Framework As An Ally On The CISO´s Objectives

The idea would be to show how the risk team assesses, monitors, and pushes the implementation of policies that control the Risk including Cybe and Security . Ultimately Risk is an ally for the CISO because the CRO's and the CISO´s objectives tend to align


Alexander Hayes - Ualá

2:30 pm

Networking Lunch

3 pm

How To Be Prepared For Future Cyber Incidents?

We will focus on the *Preparation* stage of an Incident Response methodology.   We will show the ideal elements so the organizations can be best prepared to respond to cyber incidents and threats can be contained and eradicated efficiently.   This will include the type of documentation and technology that an organization should either generate and/or possess, some best practices or actions that can benefit Incident Responders for their investigation, as well as knowing what support can be expected from other cybersecurity areas when dealing with incidents according to the type of functions they perform


Ashley Hiram Muñoz A - Kaspersky

3:20 pm

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Risk Analysis, Essential in the Virtual World and in the Real Life

Risk analysis is an essential tool for cybersecurity and physical security. In the virtual world, it helps to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. In the real world, it helps to prevent and respond to physical threats, such as fires, theft, and natural disasters. In this conference, we will explore how risk analysis can be used to improve security in both areas. We will share case studies and practical advice to help cybersecurity and physical security experts implement this tool in their organizations. Risk analysis is a powerful tool that can help protect organizations from a wide range of threats. By understanding and mitigating risks, organizations can improve their security and reduce their vulnerability to attacks


Antonio Bernal - GE

4:30 pm

From DevOps to DevSecOps Benefits and Implications

The skills and roles required in your organization to transit from DevOps to DevSecOps. What are the benefits and implication in your decision to move from one approach to another from a CyberSecurity posture


Francisco Garcia Dayo - BNP Paribas Cardif

4:50 pm

SASE. Is It Something To Be Considered In A CISOs Strategy? And Why?

Nowadays, there is a lot of announcements from different vendors or solution in the market saying they provide a real SASE solution, or their solution is better. This session is about focusing in understand better what is SASE? why is this important for the organization from a security perspective? what are the benefits for the companies? and sharing other important aspects from the client's view that could make sense to other professionals or responsible.


Plácido Rodal - Sigma

5:10 pm

Cyber ​​Security Evolution

Quick recap from the birth of Cybersecurity and how it became an important factor in the survival and growth of companies. In addition to what to do to face the challenges of the new reality in the use of information technologies


Fernando Camacho - Actinver

5:30 pm

How To Generate A Security Model For My Organisation Without Dying In The Attempt?

One of the main problems of organizations is to generate an adequate strategy to face the challenges of information security and cybersecurity on a daily basis, since not always all the best practices or existing standards or all the solutions on the market apply to everyone, every line of business and company is different and the way of tackling the challenges must be different. The session I propose aims to give guidelines, and advice and share my experience on how to generate a FUNCTIONAL security model, which can be repeatable, applicable, and suitable for each organization regardless of its line of business, size, or sector


Carlos Rosales - Provident México

5:45 pm

How To Respond To A Cyber Crisis

This session will cover:

Having a point of reference on how to react to a cyber crisis will lead organizations to survive in the face of the complex situations that are experienced in a cyber crisis


Carlos Bravo - Gentera

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