Mauricio Castaños – Nemak

Global Cybersecurity Leader
10:30 am

27th February 2024

Panel Debate: Navigating Cybersecurity and Business Transformation in 2024

CISOs, CIOs and IT Security leaders increasingly seek to combat emerging cyberattack threats. In doing so, they face the challenge of identifying and adopting technologies that go beyond traditional network security architectures, propelling growth and sparking innovation. How can IT & security leaders deliver the global network transformation needed in 2024 whilst streamlining operations, automating tasks and reducing costs?

Join this Panel debate to discuss:

  • Cybersecurity Challenges in 2024: Strategies against emerging and sophisticated cyber threats to safeguard critical networks
  • Cutting-Edge Security Concepts: Implement zero trust and SASE to fortify defences against the next generation of cyber attacks
  • Drive Business Transformation and Value: How a connectivity cloud can help in making data-based decisions that streamline operations, automate tasks and make cost reductions