Leonardo Resende – Correios

12:45 pm

Evento de fevereiro e novembro de 2024

Creating A Security Culture In All Departments Of The Organization. What Are The Main Risks To The User That Are Difficult To Mitigate Proactively

Fostering a robust security culture across all departments requires a layered approach, embracing awareness, empowerment, and accountability. This entails instilling in every employee a sense of personal responsibility for safeguarding organizational assets. But challenges lurk beyond technical controls. Proactive mitigation hinges on addressing the ever-present threat of human error, susceptible to social engineering manipulation and phishing scams. Additionally, the dynamic nature of cyber threats demands continuous education and vigilant adaptation, a constant dance between proactive training and reactive patching. Building a resilient culture hinges on understanding these fundamental complexities, nurturing awareness beyond the IT team, and empowering individuals to be the frontline defenders against ever-evolving digital threats.