Carlos Treviño – HEINEKEN México

Regional Information Security Officer - Americas

Passionate about protecting and enabling the business through effective and innovative Cyber Security solutions. Over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, risk management, IT operations, and IT compliance, across various industries and geographies to align Cyber Security with business objectives, ensure business continuity, and enhance the security and reliability of the organizations

11:25 am

27th February 2024

Ergonomic Cybersecurity: The Role Of Human Factors In Cybersecurity

Despite advancements in technology and infrastructure, high volume of cybersecurity breaches still involve human behavior, such as phishing scams and weak passwords. We will examine the role that employees play in cybersecurity, exploring the challenges of making a security culture with the employees to recognize and mitigate cyber threats. We will review best practices and strategies for addressing this issue, to provide a greater understanding of the importance of the human factor in cybersecurity and the steps needed to protect their organizations