Ashley Hiram Muñoz A – Kaspersky

Incident Response Specialist

Computer Engineering graduate from UNAM/FES Aragón, specializing in the areas of Incident Response and Digital Forensics, as well as malware analysis and reverse engineering.  He has collaborated in several Cyber Intelligence and Threat Search projects, generating investigations and detections of cyber actors within organizations.  Additionally, he has experience in performing penetration testing, social engineering, computer forensics, and system hardening. Enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge through courses, conferences, and research.   Certifications:  GREM and GCFA from SANS/GIAC and CHFI from EC-Council

3 pm

27th February 2024

How To Be Prepared For Future Cyber Incidents?

We will focus on the *Preparation* stage of an Incident Response methodology.   We will show the ideal elements so the organizations can be best prepared to respond to cyber incidents and threats can be contained and eradicated efficiently.   This will include the type of documentation and technology that an organization should either generate and/or possess, some best practices or actions that can benefit Incident Responders for their investigation, as well as knowing what support can be expected from other cybersecurity areas when dealing with incidents according to the type of functions they perform