Alexander Hayes – Ualá

Head Of Risk

Along with the innovation that comes from the fintech industry new risks arrive. The job of the Risk area is to provide the framework, be a partner and provide support to these new risks. Alexander Hayes is the head of Risk for Ualá. ………. In his keynote speech at the upcoming convention, Alexander Hayes will share his insights on how the areas of control-compliance, legal, risk, and finance can use the risk framework to support the Chief Security Information Officer in the pursuit of developing, implementing and monitoring information security policies and procedures

2:10 pm

27th February 2024

The Risk Framework As An Ally On The CISO´s Objectives

The idea would be to show how the risk team assesses, monitors, and pushes the implementation of policies that control the Risk including Cybe and Security . Ultimately Risk is an ally for the CISO because the CRO's and the CISO´s objectives tend to align